Monday, 15 January 2018

Sprinkling Baby B

 This past Sunday there was a "sprinkle" for my cousin Crystal, who is due in March with her second baby.  Her first baby is 6, (almost 7 I think! where does the time go!) so we are very excited about this new addition!  (Okay I would have been excited regardless of her older child's age, because babies are always exciting!)

Her friends had an amazing idea for this Sprinkle, to hold a Refind Salvage Rustic Sign Workshop.  First of all, for those who don't know, a Sprinkle is kind of a low key baby shower when someone is having their second (or third or fourth...) baby.  

I have always wanted to do one of these workshops and it was so much fun! First of all, it was held at the Elora Centre for the Arts.  This used to be Elora Junior Public School, which was where I went to school until Grade 4.  It was so neat to go back into the building, and actually create my sign in my old Grade 2 classroom!  This building is really neat and is a great atmosphere for these workshops.  It's an old building, with nice hardwood floors and huge rooms.  It has so much character.  The room was set up with a big table in the middle for our signs, but also had a nice little corner with some seating where Crystal could open some gifts.

 It takes about 3 hours to make the signs, but there are breaks in there as you need to wait for paint to dry and such.  So we could chat and snack and take our time.  It's actually really low key, and although the Type A in me found some aspects stressful, it really was pretty simple.  Mandy, the owner of Refind, made the whole process fun and easy!  Everyone's signs turned out really well!

The great part about these workshops is that you get to pick your own sign.  So you aren't stuck with something that you really don't want because everyone can choose a sign that suits their home or their personality.  
 I would highly recommend attending one of these workshops with a friend or two or if you have a lot of friends then you can book your own private workshop like we did!  

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Miracle Mornings

Do you ever feel like you could just be more productive?  We feel like we are so busy all the time, but how much time is just wasted.  I feel like I get lazy and just used to being lazy.  I could be much more productive and I feel like could generally enjoy life more and get less stressed.

Anyways, my Doterra team is doing something called "Miracle Mornings" this month.  (Side note: when you sign up with Doterra you join a team, get access to private websites and Facebook pages, gain support from those you signed up under.  I'm actually finding it super fun and inspirational!)  So they are doing this "Miracle Mornings" challenge where you get up at 6:30 every day and sign onto Zoom and it holds you accountable.  Once up you can do whatever you feel you need to do.  You could work, work out, meditate.  Just something productive.

Well 6:30 does not work for me, because I'm always up by 6:30.  But I have been trying to get up at 5:30 since I went back to work.  It happens about twice a week.  But I really want to commit to it this year.  When I get up at 5:30, no excuses (not even a baby who was up in the night!), I'm able to start my day with something productive.  In most cases I am working out, as that's the only time that works for me to get exercise in.  But some days maybe I will tidy up, or work on a photo book, or get some other type of work done.  So far, after a week of Miracle Mornings, I feel fantastic.  I am more energized, more productive and at the end of the day feel like I've really accomplished a lot.

We feel like we have no time in our days to do what we need to do, or what we want to do.  But that's not entirely true.  Sure we are busy, but how much more time could be productive time?  If we got up earlier and got something accomplished before heading off to work, doesn't the whole day feel better?  I know it does for me!

So that's where I'm at with being crazy and getting up super early!  Have you ever tried something like a Miracle Morning?

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Sleep Issues with Kiddos

I remember when it felt like I would never get a full nights sleep.  Parker slept through the night from about 4-8 months old, and then stopped until a few months ago.  Cooper, as you may recall, was nursing up to 4 times a night until he was 11 months old.  I didn't know how to night wean him and couldn't imagine that he would ever sleep well.

I considered going to a sleep consultant because I was so overwhelmed with the idea of getting him to sleep.  Parker had always slept fairly well, and just woke once a night, drank some milk and went back easily.  But Cooper was obsessed with eating all night long!

But I knew what a sleep consultant would say.  Put them to bed earlier (like 6:30pm early).  Have a routine.  Give them a bath before bed, read 47 stories.  Make sure nap times are consistent.  And that's not us.  I value sleep, I don't want my kids over tired or cranky, but I also enjoy our flexibility.  I don't want our entire lives to revolve around sleep.

I'm not here to give advice at all.  I don't really have any.  And I'm not here to knock sleep consultants, as I think what they do is amazing if you are willing to follow the sleep rules!  My kids just magically started sleeping better.  Once I weaned Cooper he actually became an incredible sleeper and only wakes up in the night once every few weeks. But I kind of hate all this sleep advice that's out there.  I find that with your kids, you have to find what works for you.  And maybe that means that you don't get great sleep for the first year of their life.  (Which I know sounds crazy).  But I also recently read some advice that said there is no reason for a baby to eat during the night after 5 months.  First of all, I don't believe that's entirely true with breastfed babies.  But secondly, I also read something that once said that we have been given a gift with the ability to soothe our babies by feeding them.  It really resonated with me.  And so as annoying as it was that Cooper ate 4 times a night, it was easier for me to nurse him for 10 minutes, than to wean him.  And that's the choice that I made.

Everyone will make different choices.  Some will co-sleep, some will sleep train, some will night wean.  It's all ok, if it works for you and your family and allows you to function.

So if you are going through a rough sleep stage, I hope it isn't long lasting and I hope you find what works for you, your family and your kids! 

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Those New Years Resolutions

I don't make New Years resolutions.  Because nobody keeps them and I believe that if you want to make a change you should just make it, don't wait until January 1 to do it.

But this year there are a few resolutions that I kind of want to make.  So I guess I do make New Years resolutions after all!

1. Be more intentional with my time. I find it so easy to get home and flop down on the couch.  And I love that, and it's going to be hard to change because after a long day it's how I relax.  But then I think about how much more productive I could be if I was just more intentional with my time.  Work out while I'm watching TV or actually fold the pile of laundry instead of letting it sit next to me (this sounds easier than it is).  Blog in the morning or after the kids go to bed.  Or like right now, after I spent 10 minutes aimlessly trying to find a movie to watch on Netflix and then realized that I have two photobooks that need to be made!  So the goal is to find things that I can be more productive with that better our family life as a whole.

2. Get up at 5:30 am.  Ok, I've been trying to do this since I went back to work.  It works about 2 days a week and I aim for 4.  So I want to try harder.  You see if I would get up at 5:30 I could get a 30-45 minute workout in and then I wouldn't have to worry about working out in the evening.  (Which 100% of the time never happens...)

3. Meal plan.  This has just disappeared since I went back to work.  A lot of it is because I barely have time to grocery shop, and if I don't know when I'm grocery shopping it's hard to plan meals.  So maybe Ryan and I have to make more of an effort to figure out what night I will grocery shop and then I can properly plan my meals.  I also received Shay Shull's Slow Cooker recipe book for Christmas.

Some other goals is to drink more water, go to yoga more and try to get back into reading on a more regular basis!  Since going back to work these things have all kind of disappeared, but they are important!