Friday, 15 September 2017

Wear and Tear

 I have been using my cloth diapers for over two and a half years, and for ten months I have been using them on two kiddos.  So this is 3 years of constant use, washing every few days, lots of pee and poop touching the diapers.  And although I love cloth diapers, all this use is hard on them.  If you had a shirt that you wore once every 3 days, and washed every time you wore it, it probably wouldn't stand up for 3 years.

So then why do I get so sad when my diapers start to wear out?  Plus, I can't forget that half of them were bought used.  When I think about all this it's actually amazing that they haven't completely fallen apart.

The diapers that I bought used, which the above two were part of, had the elastics replaced when I bought them.  Well those elastics have stretched out a bit over time.  They really needed replaced awhile ago again, but although it's not a difficult process, it's a time consuming one.  And ain't nobody got time for that.  Well now I'm trying to find the time.  The diaper on the left is before I changed the elastics and the diaper on the right is afterwards.  Look at the difference!  It makes me so happy when the legs are tight again and poor little Parker's pee won't run down his leg anymore!  (Cooper doesn't have this problem cause he has thunder thighs.)

So the process is just starting but I'm really hoping that over time I can get all of these elastics replaced.  The photo below (although blurry) is an elastic that I pulled out of the diaper, and a new elastic that I cut to the right size to put into the diaper.  What a difference!

So here's hoping that this prolongs the life of my diapers! 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

August Books

I technically finished 5 books this month, but since a couple of them were read on our holidays, I included them in last months book list.  

The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins

Lucy Lang comes from a long line of widows.  She lost her husband at the age of 24 after 8 months of marriage.  6 years later, she thinks that she's ready to move on.  She wants to get remarried and have kids.  She wants someone that she can basically tolerate, no passionate love, because it hurts too much when you lose that.  But is that enough?  

This book was great.  It's a good chick lit book and was easy to read, but entertaining.  I really enjoyed the characters and could understand the hesitation that Lucy had about certain relationships.  I've heard good things about Kristan Higgans and look forward to reading more of her books.

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

A boy is killed by a hit and run driver.  Jenna's world has changed.  She runs away and is clearly hiding from everything.  She starts her life over again, but can she really start over when she's hiding her past?

I didn't know where this book was going for the first half of it, but it still held my interest.  There were a couple of parts in it where I was shocked.  This is one of those books where I can't say much more because I don't want to give anything away!  It was really good though and I would definitely recommend it!  I wouldn't say it's a heavy mystery where the who done it is all consuming, that's more just a small part of it.

All By Myself, Alone by Mary Higgins Clark

Maybe I have just read a lot of good books lately, but Mary Higgins Clark isn't thrilling me like she used to.  Or maybe it's that I've read like 30 of her books an they start to get to be the same.  Or maybe it's that she's like 85 and slightly losing her touch.

I definitely didn't hate this book.  It's kind of like The Woman in Cabin 10.  A bunch of people are on a high end cruise.  The main character is working on the cruise as a lecturer (much like in The Woman in Cabin 10 where she was a journalist).  Somebody dies.  Who did it?  It was good.  I read it in like 2 days.  Typical Mary Higgins Clark!  If you like her, then of course you are going to read this, and you will enjoy it.  But it will quickly leave your mind when you start your next book.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Lions and Tigers and Bears

On Labour Day weekend, we went to the Brantford Zoo as a family.  It was something I had been meaning to do all summer and never ended up finding a day that worked for me and somebody to go with me.  Then all of a sudden I realized that Ryan could go with us on a weekend!  I get so used to doing activities during the week that Ryan doesn't always get to go places like this with us.

The Brantford Zoo is pretty small, so it really only took us a couple hours.  But it was great for a kid Parker's age.  Much more doable than the Toronto Zoo and closer for us too.

We packed a picnic lunch and ate it while watching the animal show.  We saw lions, baboons, monkeys, kangaroos, zebras, deer, tigers and more!  

Friday, 8 September 2017

Preschool - Here We Come!

Parker started preschool this week!  It's a big deal and it's not I guess.  I guess it's a big deal because it's larger class sizes than he would get in daycare and probably a bit more structured.  But he has been in daycare before and will be going back, so it's not like he's never left my side.

That being said, there was a little bit of a separation issue when I was dropping him off because for the past 10 months he has either been with me or family that he knows well.  So he seemed very confused that mommy and Cooper weren't staying with him.  He wanted me to play on the slide and with the diggers.  Then the teacher got out some trikes and he got on and he could care less about me.  

When I was talking to him about going to preschool the other night he would say "ride school bus".  I don't think anyone told him he was going to ride a school bus, so he put that together on his own.  Luckily he forgot about it and didn't seem too upset that we got him to school in the van.

When I picked him up (2.5 hours later...see it's not a huge deal!) he was sitting nicely in the circle and was excited to see me.  

I can't wait to see where this year takes him, the friends that he makes and the things that he learns!