Sunday, 24 May 2015

Parker at 4 Months

Weight: I would be one less stressed mama if he would just gain a whole bunch of weight.  I weighed him yesterday and he was only 8lbs 8oz (my birth weight!).  So in 9 days he has only gained an ounce...yikes.  He did have a cold over the past week though and has been spitting up more than normal, so it could be that.  We will see what the doctor says at his visit on Tuesday.  He has grown the 1 inch a month that he's supposed to grow though, so that's good at least.  He's 21 inches long!

Hair: It's thinning out along the back, thank goodness.  So he doesn't look quite so much like an old man!  

Clothes: Thank goodness for cloth diapers, they have allowed me to get this guy into 0-3 month clothes!  He is mostly in those now, but with a regular diaper can still fit into newborn pants.  It's nice to finally be able to put him in some cute outfits sometimes.  He has so much 0-3 clothes that I'm kind of hoping he fits in them for awhile!

Diapers:  He's into size 1's!  Plus all of his cloth diapers now fit, so we cloth diaper pretty exclusively except at night and sometimes if I'm going out during the day I will throw a pampers on because I know that he won't leak through.  I have a heavy wetter on my hands, so he was soaking through diapers in sometimes less than an hour.  I bought some bamboo inserts though and they are much more absorbent so we haven't been soaking through since I started using those.

 He still eats on demand, which is what works for us with his weight.  I want to feed him whenever he's hungry.  He will sometimes eat for 10 minutes, sometimes half an hour or longer.  In the morning I give him a bottle and he's eaten up to 6oz at one time!  Sometimes he wants to eat after 2 hours, sometimes it's 4, he's pretty inconsistent!

Sleep: The kid can sure sleep at night!  He still consistently sleeps 9-10 hours.  I haven't done a middle of the night feeding in a long long time, which is wonderful!  Naps are still sporadic during the day.  Typically he's awake for a lot of the morning (but since he sometimes sleeps til 8:30 that makes sense!) and then naps more in the afternoon.  But sometimes it's the opposite.

Likes: Mommy.  Not going to lie, I don't mind it, but I think it annoys everyone else.  He will throw a fit and as soon as he sees me or I pick him up he smiles.  I do a lot of work for the little guy so he should like me best!

He actually doesn't hate the bath anymore, which makes it much more enjoyable for both of us!

Being naked.  Diaper changes are more enjoyable too, as soon as I take it off he smiles away.

Dislikes:  He's such a happy baby, it's hard to say what he doesn't like!  

Milestones:    He rolled over once about 4 weeks ago, but hasn't done it since.  I wasn't in the room at the time so it must of been a fluke.  He does still try to roll over when he's laying on his stomach or back though.  

He has found his hand and thinks that it's a great toy!

This past month: Last week mom and Parker both had colds.  Luckily it wasn't too bad for either of us.  When his nose started running he would get unhappy, but other than that he was his normal happy self with some extra coughing and a slight fever.  

He's a very smiley boy, but I get the camera out and he gets serious.  I think he smiles at my face, so if I put a camera in front of my face he stops!

He's at a stage where he is very content and can entertain himself easily.  I can finally leave him on his mat for a bit and he just smiles at the wall and talks away to himself.  It's nice for me because sometimes I can actually do stuff while he's happy.

I feel like he has been in our lives forever and yet the past 4 months have flown by!  He brightens our days and we just love him so much!


Monday, 11 May 2015

My First Mother's Day

Yesterday we celebrated my very first Mother's Day.  I feel so blessed to be a mom to my sweet little boy and am thankful every day that he's mine.  I would do anything for this little boy.

With a young one like Parker, Mother's Day isn't exactly a day that I can sit back and relax.  So my morning started out as it always does, feeding Parker and pumping.  This picture is real life guys.  Opening my gift with my pump sitting on the coffee table.  Ryan and Parker made me a delicious dessert (which we ate later) and gave me a Starbucks giftcard.

Then we went for breakfast.  We thought that by going early we would beat the rush.  We were wrong.  But the wait wasn't too long.  We had planned on going for a family walk after breakfast, but it was rainy, so we just went to Ashanti for coffee instead.  Their backroom overlooks the river and they had the windows open, it was beautiful.

The rest of the day we obviously had to see our own mothers too!  We went out to Ryan's parents in the afternoon and to my parents in the evening. 

 I had a great day celebrating mothers and being a mother.  Even if my little munchkin wasn't always the happiest.  This seems to be a new phase that he's going through and I'm hoping it's a short phase!


Friday, 8 May 2015

Some Days Are Challenging

Yesterday started out great.  But then it definitely went downhill.  

All was good until it was time to make dinner, and while in the middle of that Parker got very angry.  And for the rest of the night he was very angry.  

He ate well at 8 and I decided I needed a break and he was going to bed.  He usually eats again around 10 and I put him to bed then.  So far that's been working for us.  Maybe he's at the point where an earlier bed time is necessary, I don't know.  

So off to bed he went.  And then I kind of missed him.  I didn't miss the screaming Parker, I missed the sweet little boy that I'm used to of course.  And miraculously he actually went to bed and fell asleep at 8:30.  (He only slept til 4am so it wasn't all fun and games for mom!)

I know there will be good days, great days and days where he just tests my patience.  I don't like when I'm not able to comfort him.  It was frustrating for both of us.  But I'm lucky to have such a good natured baby most of the time.  Motherhood is about adapting.  Just when you think you have things figured out, their needs change.  But me and the P man are in this together and at least when times are trying I have this sweet little face to remind me that it's worth every second.


Monday, 4 May 2015

Life Lately

We've been pretty busy staring at this baby lately.  We don't really get up to anything exciting, but every day is exciting when you have a smiley baby!

This morning I heard him awake, so I went into his room and he saw me and just had huge smiles.  That makes every tough moment so worth it.  My baby recognizing me and being so happy to see me totally made my day.

Here's what else Parker has been up to:

Parker went out to Daddy's shop for the first time.  Dad can't wait until Parker is big enough to do activities with him!

 He hung out on the couch with Papa.  He's got his blackberry and the remote, what more could a baby need?  
I put him in his bumbo for the first time the other day.  He looks ridiculous because he's so small, but he has the neck strength to do it.  He does get kind of tired after awhile so I haven't left him in it for long.

And since he likes to be part of the party and doesn't want to be left alone, we put him in it at the table so he could be close while we were eating dinner.  He says "I don't know where that beer came from."  Poor baby, we just set stuff next to him for pictures because it looks funny and there's nothing he can do about it.
 The other day I set him down on his mat and went into the kitchen to wash a few dishes.  I was literally gone for about 2 minutes.  I came back and the little guy had rolled over.  He got stuck on his arm so he didn't look very comfortable.  So I've been trying to get him to do it again ever since.  He's gotten close a few times but hasn't been able to do it again yet.

Parker consistently sleeps through the night now.  Once in awhile he will wake up at 5 and want to eat, but then will go back to sleep for another 3 hours.  More often he will sleep from around 10-7.  I'm one happy and lucky mama!