Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas To-Do List

Last Christmas
Christmas is exactly 4 weeks from today.  Less than 4 weeks really because our official Christmas traditions start on December 23.  I feel like I have to much to do and not much time to do it in!  Plus my head has just been so full of baby, work, Christmas and just general life stuff lately that everything is getting kind of jumbled in there.

So I need to make a list so that I can remember what I have to do:

Buy presents.  I have a really good start on my Christmas shopping, but I still have lots to do.  It's amazing how getting married multiples the number of gifts you have to buy by about 100.  (Ok maybe not that many).  I have booked a whole day off work just in hopes of getting my shopping done.

Decorate my house.  This might happen this weekend.  I don't think it's too early anymore, we are in the full swing of Christmas.  The streets have been decorated for weeks, so my house might as well be decorated too.  Since we get a real tree, that will have to wait a bit longer.

Wrap presents.  Buying them is just the first step.  If I was smart I would start wrapping them now....Ya right.  I will frantically try to do it all at once the week before Christmas.

Go to a million Christmas events.  There are Christmas craft sales, Christmas Parties, 2 Santa Clause parades (one is this Saturday!), family Christmas' that takes place before Christmas, work dinners.... It's a busy time!  I'm glad I'm only this busy at Christmas and in the summer because I love it, but it's exhausting.

Watch Christmas movies.  This is a very important part of the season!  I have already watched the Santa Clause 1 and 2, but that doesn't mean I won't watch them again!  Then we have Home Alone and of course The Holiday, and Ryan wants to throw 8 crazy nights in there.  We need a movie schedule I think.

I know I should have more on my list, but my brain is stopping there.  Basically if I remember the presents I should be good, right?


Monday, 24 November 2014

Bump Date: 26 Weeks

  • Baby is the size of a head of lettuce and is around 2 lbs
  • I have my glucose test for gestational diabetes next week.  Basically I drink a sugary drink and then sit at LifeLabs for an hour until they take my blood.  The test itself doesn't bother me, but sitting there for an hour in the middle of the day might be kind of annoying.
  • I had a bit of a freak out when I thought I saw stretch marks earlier this week.  I think I had just scratched my stomach though because I can't find them anymore.... but it started me up with the slathering nasty belly butter on my stomach again
  • My midwife confirmed that the tightness is probably round ligament pain
  • I'm so happy to be this far along in my pregnancy.  Now that baby is moving around a lot it's so much more comforting.  I don't have to wait for an appointment to hear a heartbeat and make sure that there's still a baby in there!
  • We got so much snow this week and the driving was not fun.  I normally don't like driving in it, but can usually push through.  But this year it's slightly more stressful and I'm hoping that the next 3 months aren't like this.
  • Only up a couple of pounds at this appointment for a total of around 18 lbs!  That's pretty good considering that the baby has probably grown at least a pound since my last appointment.  Maybe I can stay within the 25-35 lb range after all.
  • So much was accomplished this week!  My glider finally came in and we picked it up.  The nursery is definitely cramped, but at least we have all of the furniture.  Now I just need to put stuff on the walls.
  • I also bought a boy and girl going home outfit.  Ryan thinks that's ridiculous.  I want at least one cute gender specific outfit to put the baby in.  
  • I have bought 15 used cloth diapers and 6 new ones.  I went back and forth about cloth diapering but when I found the used ones for an amazing price I just went for it.  I know a lot of people think I'm crazy for wanting to do this.  Hopefully I will post about my reasoning behind it sometime soon.  I think that poor cloth diapering is very misunderstood!  I haven't invested a ton of money in it so that makes me feel much better about it.  


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bump Date: 25 Weeks

I was a bit behind this week.  We went on a girls shopping trip on Friday and didn't get back until Sunday night.  So the bump picture was really taken at 25 weeks, 3 days.  But now I have people on my case to blog about it so I'd better get it done!

  • Baby is the size of cauliflower
  • Still feeling stretchy and sore this week, especially if I don't drink enough water
  • Acid reflux hasn't been quite as bad, or maybe I'm just getting used to it
  • The belly is definitely getting bigger, time for some more maternity shirts!  The non maternity ones are getting  a bit short in front.
  • Exercise has definitely slowed down.  I tend to get that stretching feeling more when I'm working out, so on days that I'm feeling it anyways I don't want to work out at all.  I can usually only do 20 minutes on the spin bike or elliptical before it gets too uncomfortable.  
  • Baby is still moving lots in there, but just for me.  
  • I'm looking forward to the Christmas season!  We have something on every weekend from now until Christmas, which is crazy but exciting.  It's probably good because otherwise I would be hibernating. (Which is what I will be doing in January and February.)
  • I have a midwife appointment Thursday.  I enjoy them except for the weighing myself thing.  I know I've gained weight, I don't want to know how much! (I'm going to estimate I'm at 20 pounds now.)


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bump Date: 24 Weeks

  • 24 Weeks already!  Well over halfway with only 16 weeks to go.  Craziness
  • Baby is the size of an ear of corn
  • Mom is much sorer these days.  Back pain, side pain, stomach pain, I’ve got it all. 
  • Feeling some major tightness in my lower belly, sometimes just randomly, if I stand for a long period or if I’m exercising.  It might be Braxton Hicks, I don’t know.
  • Baby is still moving lots, still fairly low down.  I need to get Ryan to feel it more often, but baby kicks when it wants to kick and I don’t really want to sit on the couch with his hand on my stomach for an hour!
  •  I miss sleeping well.  I can’t get into a comfortable position and wake up lots during the night.
  • Still trying to exercise, but I find I get sore a lot quicker so I've definitely slowed down.  I've had a few weeks off from my yoga class but will be starting back up next week
  • I can’t wait to go away Christmas shopping next weekend on our girls trip!  And maternity shopping too of course
  • Best moment this week was hitting 24 weeks.  The baby is now viable and chances of survival outside the womb will get better by the week!  But stay in there for a while longer please baby!
  • Last Wednesday was our 3rd anniversary.  We're definitely excited for what this next year will bring us!